"Let Go. Let God"

Jude Boutwell, RN

Holistic Healing

2010 Adrienne Boutwell, MAMS www.BBVStudios.com Certifications
-Registered Nurse with active license in the state of Indiana
-NAET Practitioner - multiple advanced course certifications
-The Upledger Institute, Inc. Lymph Drainage Therapy I and II, CranioSacral Therapy Level I and II
-B.E.S.T. Life Intensive Program, B.E.S.T. Training, Elite Diplomat Training, B.E.S.T. Elite Master
-Touch for Health - completed 8 hours of Touch For Health 1
-Usui Shiki Reiki Ryôhô working toward Reiki Master level
-Active Isolated Stretching:  The Mattes Method - training
-SASTM Method of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Advanced Certificate


 NAET Certifications
NAET® Coursework
Basic: Licensed medical practitioner has learned to evaluate, locate and eliminate food and environmental allergies. - 2/04 
Advanced I: NAET Basic trained practitioner has learned to eliminate combination treatments, complicated NAET cases, commonly seen emotional blockages, exercise induced allergies, and person to person allergies. - 12/04 
Advanced II A: Autism, ADD/ADHD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia - 11/07 
Advanced II B: Immune System Disorders, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular - 6/08, 11/06 
Advanced II D: Male & Female Infertility, Female Disorders, Thyroid Imbalances, Melt Your Fat - 2/08 
Advanced II E: Asthma, Head & Back aches, Ear/Nose/Throat, Treatment Enhancement - 2/08 
Advanced II H: Cellular Memory Imbalances, Interpersonal Energetic Imbalances - 6/08 
Advanced II K: Balancing Organs, Balancing Meridians, Trauma Release, Hair Loss - 11/06 
Advanced II O: Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Bipolar Disorders - 11/07 
 Cranial Sacral Therapy
CSI CranioSacral Therapy I: Provides the foundation to understand the crucial craniosacral system and its relationship to illness, pain and dysfunction. Also helps therapists develop light-touch palpation skills to access and release subtle restrictions in the body.   
CSII CranioSacral Therapy II: Examines the craniosacral system in relation to other physiological body systems. Also enhances ability to conduct whole-body evaluations.   
LDT1 Lymph Drainage Therapysm I: Highlights a hands-on method of lymphatic drainage that combines anatomical science and manual techniques to detect the rhythm, direction and quality of lymph flow anywhere under a person's skin. Helps recirculate lymphatic flow, activate fluid circulation, and stimulate the functioning of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems.   
LDT2 Lymph Drainage Therapysm II: Helps develop greater effectiveness and efficiency in attuning to the lymphatic rhythm, mapping the direction of lymphatic flow, and applying techniques for advanced pathologies.  
SERI SomatoEmotional Release I: Explores the body/mind relationship and the psychophysiological mechanisms of disease. Teaches techniques to dissipate the residual effects of trauma and negative emotional experiences.   
SERII SomatoEmotional Release II: Blends SomatoEmotional Release with therapies such as psychosynthesis, Gestalt and Jungian psychology to help patients increase self-awareness.
 Morter Health B.E.S.T.
Elite Master – The most recent developments in B.E.S.T. and the Morter Health System have been taught to this elite group of practitioners. Elite Masters have passed practical and written examinations to become Certified, have completed study in the Diplomate program, which also includes a strict practical examination, and have completed study in the Elite Master Program, which includes extensive work on personal excellence. These practitioners have completed the very latest in B.E.S.T. Technique advancements.